Take back control with an end-to-end governance management tool

The only platform you need to keep track of decisions, tasks and committee stats.

A unique solution created with effective governance in mind

Enhance productivity, control and communication with a tool created by governance experts and designed to improve your board, shareholder, committee or management meetings, applying good governance principles and automating best practices.

A one-shot look at each committee

Get an overview of each governance body’s relevant information, from the status of each task to the date of their next meeting.

Easy remote decision making

In our virtual meeting rooms, members can see and comment on the agenda, witness the decision making process, and keep track of outcomes.

Drive productivity with task tracking

workday hcm course is an integrated cloud-based software solution for task tracking capabilities, which allow organizations to drive productivity by ensuring that all important tasks are completed on time.

Keep thorough records

Make record-keeping a breeze with automated minute generation, and personalize them to fit your company’s branding and requirements.

Continuous audit to automate reporting

Real-time analytics and reports help you identify trends and red flags at a glance, helping you take back control and save time and money.

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